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Review of schematics

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Many of our customers have already been able to save valuable development time by carrying out a circuit diagram review with us. Because a second pair of eyes helps enormously to discover things that you sometimes overlook on your own.

Our circuit diagram review helps you to identify possible weak points in the hardware design and to find opportunities for optimization.

What is a circuit diagram review?

Our circuit diagram review is an intensive check of your electronic circuit diagrams for embedded systems for formal, functional and production-related errors.

Our experts proceed systematically according to a proven analysis process. This ensures that nothing important is overlooked. We normally carry out the circuit diagram review cooperation with you, as queries and a discussion of optimization options are an integral part of the review.


What does a circuit diagram review involve?

In the circuit diagram review, we focus primarily on the following aspects:

  • Formal errors: g. incorrect designations, incomplete labeling, inconsistent formatting
  • Functional errors: g. irregularities, swapped connections, missing pull-up resistors
  • Manufacturing errors: g. too narrow spacing, unfavorable component arrangement, problematic solderability

Depending on the case, we are also happy to discuss the design guidelines and best practices with you.

The benefits of the emtrion circuit diagram review

Our circuit diagram review offers you a number of clear advantages:

  • Error avoidance: We all sometimes can't see the wood for the trees. Without the dual control principle, it is extremely difficult to avoid errors!
  • Quality assurance: The review helps to ensure that your circuit correctly fulfills all requirements and functional specifications
  • Cost savings: Thanks to the circuit diagram review, you avoid expensive error correction after production
  • Time saving: changes can be made before production with little effort
  • Second opinion: External experts contribute new ideas and perspectives

Regular circuit diagram reviews should be an integral part of the development process!

Our offer

The earlier weak points in the circuit board layout are discovered, the cheaper it is for you, as the subsequent costs of errors increase with each development step.

In a joint circuit diagram review, we check your design thoroughly and help you to tackle your next development step perfectly prepared.

Trust in the quality of emtrion. Our experts draw on years of experience in circuit development and check against established guidelines. This enables us to find even seemingly harmless errors that could lead to problems later on.

Ensure the quality of your developed hardware with a circuit diagram review from emtrion. We would be happy to prepare a quote for your specific project. Talk to us, we will be happy to advise you.