Application development

Application development for embedded systems has its own particularities. On the one hand, hardware restrictions (e.g. memory, processing power, NAND flash as a storage medium) have to be taken into consideration, and on the other hand the software has be adjusted to a given Embedded System (e.g. SoC-specific libraries in Linux, Windows Embedded Compact, Android).

emtrion's Software Engineers have many years of experience in developing application software for Embedded Systems. We offer to do the entire application development for you, or to use our competences to support your development team.

Development always starts with a specification phase, in which we work closely together on your application requirements. If you’ve already got an application specification/design we can offer you to do a review, where we also focus on specific characteristics of the target platform.

During the actual development we supply you with incremental preliminary releases, so you can review and try the latest updates. Test driven development is possible as well. With the help of unit tests, integration tests and a final acceptance test, the Software is continuously verified during the development process.

  • Linux:
    • Web Interfaces
    • User Interfaces
    • Applications with C, C++, Qt, Python, JavaScript
    • Multimedia applications using GStreamer
    • Industrial controls and communication, e.g. EtherCAT, ProfiNet, CANOpen
  • Android:
    • Adapting BSP look and feel to customer needs
    • Customization. extension or removal of Android services
    • Customer specific hardware support
    • Libraries and applications
    • Applications in Java, Kotlin, C, C++
  • Windows Embedded Compact:
    • .NET Compact Framework
    • Applications in C#, C, C++

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