Over the last decade Linux has evolved to be the most popular Operating System used in embedded devices. Therefore emtrion offers Linux-based Board Support Packages (BSPs) for all of its own products as a standard. To fit certain needs of our customers best we provide two kinds of Linux BSPs.

The Debian-based BSP is based on the renowned Linux distribution. It offers easy use for evaluation purposes, large package database, fast security updates and much more.

The Yocto-based BSP is based on the classic solution for building an Embedded Linux environment. The Yocto project offers a build system for building everything from source. Build systems like these (e.g. Buildroot, OpenEmbedded, PTXDist) are widely used but we at emtrion see Yocto as the most powerful and promising compared to the others.

For many BSPs we can offer different kernel versions. There is the standard kernel which gets delivered with the BSP. This is normally the kernel which supports the peripherals of the SoC the best. Additionally we can provide you with up-to-date mainline kernel versions or kernels with Real-Time extensions such as PREEMPT_RT or Xenomai. If you are interested in a custom kernel please contact us.

We are looking forward to receiving your call (+49 721 627 25-20) or email ( Alternatively you can contact us via our contact form.