Debian Distribution

The Debian project is known for the long-term maintenance of its releases with regards to security patches. This is why Debian is the Number 1 Linux distribution running on internet servers. Get the same for your Internet-connected device!


Debian is a long-existing Linux distribution. The project stands for quality and stability, as it is backed by over 1000 maintainers.

emtrion Linux BSP- Debian

With emtrion's Debian-based BSP it is easy and simple to install/uninstall packages on your device from the Debian repositories. There is no need to compile anything yourself apart from your application.

Build system

You are able to reproduce your image at any time. After evaluation, the build system can be used to create your own custom Debian-based image for your device.

Development Environment

emtrion delivers a preconfigured Virtual Machine to enable you to directly start your development on your PC.

  • QtCreator installed and configured as IDE.
  • You can choose between cross and native development

Additional/modified emtrion packages

For all devices we provide an own Debian repository, which contains additional device specific packages.

  • Improved performance compared to the Debian standard packages (e.g. Qt5 using the SoC HW accelerators properly)
  • Easy update via package management.

Also available for your device!

Maintenance Service

emtrion offers to create and maintain the environment to deploy the final software for your device based on Debian. This includes creating and maintaining Debian packages and package repositories as well as build system configuration and notification about security updates for the software on your device.

We are looking forward to receiving your call (+49 721 627 25-20) or email ( Alternatively you can contact us via our contact form.