Yocto Project

The common method today for Embedded Linux development is using a build system which builds all Software for the device from source using a cross toolchain. Over the last decades many different build systems emerged, e.g. Buildroot, LTIB, emDist, PTXdist, OpenEmbedded.


All these build systems do their job for a certain purpose but none of them has a really large community, big company or foundation behind them which supports developers to maintain the system at a large scale. Lack of maintenance leads to a lack of quality at some point.


Therefore the Linux Foundation created the Yocto Project in 2010 and today is already widely adapted. We at emtrion also think that it is the best build system today and so we use it to build Linux BSPs for our devices.

Yocto delivers a layered architecture of so-called recipes which are descriptions on how to build packages from source. The Software Engineers at emtrion create our own layers for each BSP we create which contain our own recipes and modifications of recipes of the base layers.


We make these layers available to our customers, if they want to use Yocto themselves. Also, we deliver an emBSP which is an SDK created from Yocto build artifacts, which let's you start directly with evaluation and development.

Of course, emtrion can also create custom Yocto layers for you and maintain them as a service.

We are looking forward to receiving your call (+49 721 627 25-20) or email (sales@emtrion.de). Alternatively you can contact us via our contact form.