Code optimization

Software knows no bounds

Embedded Systems are often limited by nature. Good hardware design alone does often not suffice to ensure a smooth operation within these limits. In this case, the software has to be carefully developed and intensively tested.

This is where our qualified software engineers come into the picture. We analyze, debug and optimize your code thoroughly, profiting from many years of experience gained in using different tools for analyzing and profiling on embedded systems.

For this, we are using software tools that differ greatly, depending on the operating System, for example Linux tracing tools, Windows Embedded Compact Profiler as well as for example JTAG Debuggers and measurement tools.

We apply different methods (e.g. ARM NEON Code or OpenCL) to optimize critical code segments. Finally we create test environments to verify the optimized software once again. Like this we ensure all system limitations are respected and your expectations of your product met.