About emtrion

We at emtrion GmbH are your competent partner for the development of embedded systems from the idea to the finished brand product. We meet the requirements of the most diverse fields of application in medicine, agriculture, industry 4.0, or automotive. From our company headquarters in the Karlsruhe technology region, we have been supporting customers from all over the world with individual hardware and software design with a diverse portfolio of services since our foundation in 2003.

emtrion relies on a well-established partner network of software service providers with special know-how, semiconductor manufacturers, and EMS service providers. Our embedded modules and single board computers are based on the latest ARM RISC 32- and 64-bit processors and system-on-chips from leading providers such as Microchip, NXP, Renesas, STMicroelectronics, and Texas Instruments. Reliability and high-quality standards are very important to us - that is why we have our assemblies produced exclusively by certified EMS service providers in Germany.

Customized Embedded Systems

Embedded systems usually fulfill a specific task and are linked to certain requirements in the overall system. These are as individual and diverse as their areas of application and therefore require the customer-specific adaptation of existing modules and boards. Only in this way can they do their job efficiently and with a very good price/performance ratio. We develop for you:

  • System solutions for operating, controlling, and monitoring machines
  • Networked, as well as sensor, supported measuring systems
  • IoT Devices for industrial real-time communication

Our engineers and IT specialists support you with application-specific software and applications. We are also your competent partner for partial services, such as the appropriate security concept, the virtualization of partial tasks on multicore processors, or the porting and migration of your application to a new system. By the way, also on third-party hardware.

Company values of emtrion GmbH

Quality & Innovation

We strive for permanent improvement for the benefit of our customers and employees. Through constant exchange with customers, partners, and suppliers, we enable a timely response to current requirements. We invest in motivated employees and their further training, as in innovative technology. In this way, we guarantee sustainable quality.

Customer Satisfaction

We are service providers and consistently align all processes in our company as per the requirements of our customers and the challenges of the future. We want to inspire our customers with our skills and our work quality. The satisfaction of our customers is our success.

Community & Appreciation

Through an open management style, we create freedom for our employees to act on their own responsibility. We know our goals and are committed to achieving them. Our cooperation is characterized by mutual appreciation, reliability, and active communication. We learn from each other, encourage and support each other.

Environmental awareness

We are a part of the region and behave in a socially, economically, and ecologically responsible manner. We decide and act responsibly for the benefit of our environment.

Company history